😰For the last 40 days or so I have been running a mile every day.
That's over 40+miles ran!!!!

Yeah, I hate running too! 🙂❌ ..........But that did not stop me from doing it.

(I have been listening to AAAAA lot of David Goggins, and he is a HUGE advocate of doing things you hate, to create and mold yourself into a person you would not become without doing things you absolutely despise.)

The last two days I ran have been horrendous. About 10:30 each day. The closest I have gotten to a Sub 8 mile was about 8:17 and I was huffing and puffing.

But the last two days didn't stop me from showing up.

If you don't show up you will never accomplish anything great. So the first thing you have to do is show up.

💪Anyway long story short.... I set a goal to run a mile in less than 8 minutes. The goal is now accomplished. Sub 7 is the next goal.

Just a little encouragement for you..... It does not matter how old you are, what you have and have not accomplished in the past, whether you are experienced or inexperienced.

Just set a goal and try to achieve that goal.

✍🏽Things I have learned about myself in running in which you can apply to Affiliate Marketing. How To Promote Affiliate Marketing Products The Right Way

1. Pace yourself---Don't go to fast or two slow go at the right speed to finish the race. There's no competition in Affiliate Marketing, pick a product and/or service and start right where you are.

2. Push through feelings---About 85% of the time I don't want to go run. Most of my runs are at night after pushing long hours. In affiliate marketing you have to detach yourself from the outcome...keep going!

3. Motivate others--B/c I started to run I have my wife and kids doing the same. Who do you know that could use some extra income? Affiliate Marketing is a great tool to start generating income online.

4. Don't Stop---Every time I start to stop and walk a little it seems as though it takes more out of me to pick back up and jog/run again. So as mentioned before keep a steady pace. You may not see Affiliate Marketing sales within 24 hours, or maybe not in the first week. But if you never give ups, you can win!

5. Set Goals----Strive to accomplish your goals. And once you accomplish them.....Create more!!!

Just to recap:

 5 Tips on How To Promote Affiliate Marketing Products The Right Way

  1. Pace yourself
  2. Push through feelings
  3. Motivate others
  4. Don't Stop
  5. Set Goals

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