Learn the proven step by step format Andrew Kroeze used to grow multiple Facebook Groups to over thousands of members and make over a million dollars in the process. 

how is everybody doing i hope everybody's doing good today i'm actually here with uh one of the most wanted in america i

mean uh that's a good thing that's in a good way a good way most wanted for you know just as far as just helping you build your business i mean Andrew does a lot of things everybody you know if you've been if you've seen my feed have you seen anybody else's be friends on my uh timeline or you know in my group or whatever you know you pretty much seen his pose you've seen people talk about it i'm excited for him to be here he's busy we actually playing this probably i'm gonna almost a year ago i had stuff to do he had stuff to do but obviously he's a lot busier than i am but still we're so happy that he is here he is going to come in actually just go ahead and do this now you know before we really get started go ahead grab a notebook grab a pen because you're going to want to take notes on this i mean you saw the post you saw everything that he did i mean as far as just in a short amount of time this guy he knows what he's doing as far as setting up systems and everything as far as building facebook groups that's his specialty but i mean he has other things in that man he's good at building relationships he actually just did uh um group i mean he actually just had a conference that he did a live event and a lot of people showed up everybody said it was powerful i mean the things once you get in touch with these people especially if you get in with him once you get in this close-knit group you will actually i mean you'll just expand in your bro i actually talked to one guy i'm going to call his name out actually he is um i met him in atlanta j.r rivas's event what isn't that phillip and actually he was in germany and um his business was doing pretty good but then i actually met him again in miami actually i saw him in atlanta the first time probably about four or five months went by and i saw him again in miami and he told me how his business blew up i mean i think he went

he made a lot of money within a month

and i said what what the world's going

on he said i'm working with Andrew Kroeze 


um and then my mentor one of my mentors

actually rob quinn

it was actually mentored by andrew cruz

as well

um there's a lot of other people that

he's you know close-knit with

and i'm happy to have him here i wanted

to go ahead and

you know get let him talk and just tell

us about his story how he got started

how he transitioned

out of a job and everything like that so

thank you andrew for hopping on

appreciate it and uh glad to have you

yeah thank you so much man thanks for

having me

and uh so happy to be here oh no

is he gone

i don't know if i'm live by my s oh

you're back

so yeah i just uh dropped out so i'm

going to drop out a little bit so just

keep talking i can still see you and

hear you

oh okay i'm so confused by this um

but uh but yeah it's it started not too

long ago i've only been an entrepreneur

for a little over two years

um and i was working a nine-to-five job


selling crm systems microsoft dynamics

and salesforce

um and then i set a 90-day goal because

i wasn't happy with my life i hadn't

like really achieved

much that meant anything to me um

and this was in april of 2017

um that i set a goal to lose nine or

lose 90.

lose 20 pounds in 90 days and to quit

drinking for 90 days

because i was going out every weekend

just partying too much

and like i wasn't happy i was pretty

depressed um

and didn't really feel like i had any

direction in life

um and then i set that goal

and that was the the turning point where

by achieving the fitness goal i saw

my body transform and then when i hit

that number

so i started at a 183 pounds

um and 70 days in i looked down

at the uh at the scale at the yc ymca

and i was 162 pounds and it was like in

that moment i was like

holy if i just put my mind to


like i can achieve it and that was the


like turning point for me uh in terms of


and entrepreneurs our drug of choice is

momentum uh

like we catch that and we keep going and

magical magical things can come out of

that um

and uh yeah i hit that goal uh

two months later i quit my job um

then i started an advertising agency so

advertising agency it was basically a

freelancer running facebook ads for

local businesses

start with uh uh with the regular niches

chiropractors restaurants

gyms um and grew that fairly quickly

within 90 days because

i was clear-headed i was in the best

shape of my life

i uh i wasn't drinking everything was

good and i grew

that super quick um and then i opened up

a facebook group to document my journey

and that grew super quick as well zero

to a thousand members

in about a month and then people asked

for courses

and coaching and consulting for me

and so i put up a post and made uh

6 400 from that one post in one day

like in 24 hours 6 400

and i didn't even have to get up out of

my computer check like

it was sweet it was uh from a beta

launch i didn't even create any of the

course material before i launched it i

built it out along the way

and uh since then i i have been

doing that growing my facebook group um

everything totally organically no paid


um and now i have 10 employees um

and uh we have done over a million


and we have over a million dollars in

our run rate

or in our mrr so doing over a hundred

thousand dollars per month for the next

12 months

just right now uh so that's pretty cool

since the event

um and things just have

dramatically dramatically changed and it

really started with that 90-day goal

and continuing to set 90-day goals but

that first one

to lose 20 pounds um and to quit

drinking entirely

hearing your story i know a lot of a lot

of people talk about well actually

specifically david goggins he actually

i'm pretty sure you know

he is a great motivational speaker um

and uh just the fact of how he

started pretty much with you know doing

exercises and everything like that and

then everything else just started to


so i guess that's pretty much the steps

that you took as well

so i mean as far as if somebody wanted

to make a change in their life

would you recommend just doing you know

because a lot some people talk about

well you know

set you know a lot of goals at one time

and then try to go after all these goals

and do all that stuff would you

recommend that they're just going after

you know

trying to do one particular thing at a


so i mean what would you recommend

yeah i uh i would set one to

three um goals for 90 days

like personal goals if you're still

working a nine-to-five job

um and you need to remove something

if you're going to add something so i


partying and drinking and replaced it

with fitness and nutrition

so if you're adding these goals you need

to be removing something as well

and i think that's a piece that's often


you need to create the space in your

life to make something new

and it's addition by subtraction you

need to take something away to add


so um i always talk about coping versus


like take away your coping mechanisms

and add in thriving um goals and


um the best way i've been able to like

stay on track

um is this app called day count

so let me pull it up right here um

this tracks how many days in a row

you've done something

um so i've got it right here

i've been sober for 485 days i've

stretched for 14 days in a row

i've no youtube videos for two days uh

10 10 minutes of meditation no hookah

for 10 days

so as you can see i'm removing things

from my life and i'm also adding things

to my life

what day count does is it holds you

accountable to what you're doing

because i always think oh i want to do

this like i want to go smoke smoke


but i think about oh i don't want to

reset my day count like i want to reach

my goal

um so so that's a super helpful tool

small but super helpful yeah that makes

that makes perfect sense because i know

especially when you try to implement a

lot of things at one time then you

actually get nothing done because your

mind is pretty much scattered over

everywhere you're not focused on one

particular thing

and um let's also talk about you know

especially you know just going from i

guess you know an employee to

you know transitioning from an employee

to entrepreneur i mean what acts what

what things actually took place in your

mind because obviously you have a

different mindset

as an employee as you know you do you

know more so as an entrepreneur because

as an employee you're thinking well you

know i'm going to get the paycheck

the paycheck's coming at the end of the

you know the week regardless of what i

do how much effort i put in

i'm going to you know pretty much get a

paycheck now depending on if you're in

sales and all that stuff i mean

obviously yeah you get commissions based

off of you know

how many sales and all that but i mean

pretty much my background is laboratory

so regardless of whatever i did in the

lab you know whether i made a mistake

whether how many samples i put out

whatever it was you know i

i was going to get a paycheck in the end

but then once you transition to

entrepreneurs not so much you know set

in stone so i mean what do you what

thing what type of things did you


to make sure that you were actually

going to you know pretty much get a


you know at the end of the week the

month or whenever you know a consistent


yeah um i

i think what you need to think about

when you're transitioning

um is you need to prove

things to your brain that it is possible

and you're not going to prove to

yourself that you're you're

able to make 10k per month next month

it's not going to happen

you can't there's levels to this and you

can't jump from 0 to 10k in a month

what you need to do is start thinking

smaller and set

smaller goals for a shorter period of


so you can have that 10k goal but make

it in six months or make it in a year

but your first goal should be getting

your first payment online

like no matter what the price point is

and then just slowly add on top that

cool i got

a 17 uh dollar payment online

that proved to my brain that that's

possible to make money online

now new goal i want to make uh in a

hundred a hundred dollar sale

online and then you just take it step by


for me um i started with

side hustling my job and then

um having a shopify store that didn't

take off

like it wasn't a good store but

it it proved to my brain that i can make

money online and that was the first step

i didn't think about that at the time

like my brain was like i'm gonna scale

this shopify stores

seven figures it was stupid and i got

disappointed when i didn't do it

but i looked back and i'm like holy

that was so important because

i got to the next level which was just

getting a payment online um so when

you're transitioning

smaller goals in a shorter amount of


and you can set that big 10k per month

goal but make it like

six months out i see so many people just

disappoint themselves

month after month after month by setting

too big of goals

in 30 days like set you can set big


but make sure they have the time frame

where they're achievable

yeah that makes sense because you know a

lot of people actually go out there and

they tell people it's like well

if you get you know especially in the

agency world because i know i have some

agency owners in my circle as well but

you know as far as you know they want to

transition from the job startup

digital marketing agency and then they

want to go from whatever they're making

on their job

automatically you know up to 10k 20k you

know per month

but people don't necessarily think that

you know you need to set goals and

there's a lot of you know that deals

with you know a lot i mean if you're

actually you guys if you're actually

wanting to look at you know to get

you know a mentor somebody actually

wants to make your mentor your andrew

was good at doing that because i mean

obviously he's being straight up with

you because a lot of

you know experts or gurus as you know

they call them they actually

give you a goal that really you cannot

reach and obviously like he was saying

you know

you're left with disappointment i think

i heard um actually i think it might

have been travis stevenson talk about


where he was actually talking about you

know if you constantly continuously set

goals and you never reach him that's

actually going to lower your morale i


it's actually going to pretty much make

you you know think that it's like i'm

never going to you know reset goal so

you need to actually reach

you know set a goal where you can reach

you know like he said it's incremental

so you actually need to think about once

you do set that goal obviously it's

going to give you energy

it's like a snowball effect you know

pretty much you know once

the energy starts to go i mean

especially you know me working in the

lab and all that stuff once a reaction


um there's really no stopping it i mean

well you know once you mix certain

things together there's really no

stopping and that's kind of the way it

is you know

with entrepreneurship as well i mean

once you continuously start to do

things once you continuously start to

actually you know

get you know goals and you know once you

start to accomplish your goals and

everything like that

it actually begins a snowball effect and

you want to accomplish more goals that

actually give you confidence and

everything like that so yeah

um that is a good point to um bring out

and um let me actually go to the

comments here real quick actually my

wife is on here she's actually saying

coping mechanisms

muslim she says get rid of them that's

good and

sarah is on here how are you doing sarah

how are you doing tasha's on here

which obviously you know tasha tasha

taylor um

actually she's one of i guess she works

with andrew so um

obviously they know each other and

jennifer thank you

for hopping on as well jennifer says

hello so um

and honestly i know your expertise is um


groups but actually before we actually

get in well actually let's talk about

that so as far as facebook groups i mean

obviously you say when you transition

from an employee to an entrepreneur you


well you said you had your shopify store

then you also said you know you

started with the agency so how did you

transition from i guess

agency work in the facebook groups i

mean how did that you know

how did that come about yeah um

so i just started a facebook group to

document uh my journey of

growing my agency i called it the six

figure digital marketer i was making 10

10 to 15k per month um and

it's it grew super quick and then people

started asking me

for coaching for courses all of that

um and i put up a post for a beta

program saying hey i'm thinking about

doing this

running you through a program for six

weeks to help you out and uh

made sixty four hundred dollars from

there and like

as an entrepreneur i'm always trying to

find points of leverage

um i mean as a ceo that's all you're

looking for

like how are you leveraging your money

how are you leveraging your team how are

you leveraging your systems how are you

leveraging data like those are the four


um and just being able to put up a post

and make that amount of money

was way more leveraged than what i was


so um i kept running my agency but i


slowly removing the agency and started

adding more of the facebook group side

of things more courses

more coaching because it was way more

leveraged and transitioned

out of the agency um and uh

and then into more of a coaching and

consulting role

um because it's just way more leveraged

and way more impactful for

what i wanted to do like it was more

true to me so

that makes sense that makes sense so how

did you because a lot of people

uh you know you they they tell people to

actually you know start a facebook group

so i don't know how much detail because

obviously andrew has all this stuff

lined up and of course you can check it

out i'll put a link after the

interview and everything like that um

well actually he has two programs but he

can go into detail about that if he uh

wants to but i mean as far as starting a

facebook group

a lot of people have issues with just

first off you know just getting well


the one of the number one issues is

people think that they can't start a

facebook group

because they don't have anything to talk

about or anything to say

so first let's address that and deal

with that i mean how do you feel i mean

if somebody came

up to you and also you're pretty much

going to tell them to well obviously

there's a lot of other things but one

thing that you're going to tell them to

do is actually start a facebook group

so what if their response is i don't

have anything to you know talk about to

tell them

i mean what exactly would you tell them

as far as i don't have any you know i

don't have any content

um to or any no stories anything like

that what would you tell them

i'd tell them not to start a facebook


like i'm i'm an honest dude like

if i don't think their facebook group is

gonna thrive i'm gonna tell them not to

start it

but like i taking it back to proving

things to your brain

um if you're not in the headspace where

you think like you can create

content uh that will engage your


then you need to prove that to your

brain by

starting with your personal profile and


create content on your personal profile

that engages your audience and like

as soon as you see engagement on your

personal profile that will give you


to open up a facebook group and that you

do have the content that you can create

for a facebook group

so i always tell people to start on

their personal profile prove it to

themselves and start growing that


so you build up an audience that you can


to your facebook group so i actually

advise not starting with

a facebook group my program the group

growth and monetization blueprint

starts with your personal profile and um

and content on your personal profile and

the 11 different types of content

to move a stranger to a raving fan of

what you do and that's all inside the

group growth monetization blueprint

and if you're just not confident in it

um then you

need to start with your personal profile

that's good that's a good point and um

once i guess once because obviously this

started happening to me as well once you

know i kind of did that because

obviously i went through

um rob's program that i went through

your program

and actually still in your program

that's the thing about andrew's program

is the fact of

you know some of these programs and

everything they have a start time and

the end time andrews is you start and

you're pretty much never in

you just pretty much you know constantly

and continuously go

because he has group calls every week um

and he brings

top niche entrepreneurs who are pretty

much in you know just

giving you ideas and how you can grow

your business how you can grow your


pretty much just anything you need any

business um you know uh problems that

you're having

you know any issues that you're going on

not even just business problems just

personal problems or anything like that

he actually has people

that actually come in top niche

entrepreneurs that'll come in and

actually help you

do what you need to do to actually

accomplish the goals that you need to

accomplish and i mean some of the things

that i heard on i was actually on

one probably about two weeks ago and um

he actually i think he called it what

was it

um conversational um well how did he put


conversational like neuro linguistics or

you know conversational hypnosis

and i was like what no and i mean it was

it went pretty deep i mean the guy

actually went you dug deep i can't think

of his name yeah spencer burnett

identity so it was it was pretty deep in

detail i mean i missed a lot of those

because i've been out of the country and


but i mean just the fact of that you

have just every week i mean

some of these programs and everything

actually you know maybe they meet once a

month maybe they meet once a quarter and

everything like that so but every week

you actually get and it's not just the

speakers itself i mean there's also

other entrepreneurs

i mean it's the community of

entrepreneurs so the thing is if you

guys need help in your business whatever

it is you're doing because there's

uh there's niches from everything i mean

you got health niches

you have people who are in agencies you

have people just doing content creation

if you need um you know anything that um

any help with your business this will

actually you know help you out and

everything like that but i want to um

actually say yeah so

let's talk about you know the pro the uh

i guess the progression of posts and

things on your

um your facebook page because once i

started doing that people started

hitting me up in my inbox they started

asking me questions

and my wife is always on me and she's

saying you cannot continuously give them

you know answers

for free she's like you have to pretty

much you know start charging them

and everything like that but i mean the

thing is it's like at what point do you

get to

the you know where you just how do you

prevent people from coming in your inbox


you know just giving out free

information because i know i have a big

card i know you do as well so i mean how

did you

transition from actually just giving out

free information

to actually charging people to give


yeah um i think it comes from the frame


if you are just talking with them in

messenger and they're asking you


like you're you're essentially just

giving them band-aids

like what they really need and what's

really going to transform their life or

their business

um is like a program that they're

investing into themselves because when

people invest into themselves

they actually take action on it

like i've invested hundreds of thousands

of dollars over the past two years and i

think that's why i'm at where i'm at

right now i mean my work ethic

and uh actually like you're giving

yourself the

gift when you're investing into yourself

and coming from

that that frame when somebody's asking

you questions

you want to transition it to if you

think you can help them

um to say hey let's hop on a 15 minute

phone call and connect and see if i can

help you

um and then you can take that phone call


uh learning about their problems um

and what they're currently experiencing

and give them a prescription

hey i uh i think we should take this to

a longer call i

i have a program that i really think um


that can help you solve these problems

are you open to um

extending this call or would you like to

schedule a call a little later on

um so that's the easiest way to do it

get them up

like if they're hitting you up all the

time and you think you can help them get

them on a 15-minute connection call

take it to a sales call um another

option is

if you want to make it a little bit more

scalable um we teach

our clients how to create 97 master


that solve a very specific problem in

their ideal clients business or personal


and then you base those master classes

off the questions that you're getting in


and on your posts over and over and over

so um

you just say hey i have a master class

that will solve this exact problem

here's the link if you want it

um and then that way there's an exchange

of uh of

value there where they're not just

taking from you

um they're paying you money to buy your

master class and both parties are happy

and um let me see so my wife actually

says do you

take people people on a journey in group

do you set it up like a mental funnel

and call to action

so you can um we do not we have a five


challenge um facebook group growth and

engagement challenge

um that we that we've started tagging

our new members in

um so they go through the five day

challenge at the end of each day there's

a call to action to

um join the group growth and

monetization blueprint

um so it's kind of like that um i'm

honestly mike you're gonna be surprised

to hear this

i'm not a good marketer like i'm not

i'm just really good at getting people


and i just show people that i get people


and that's how i market i'm very bad at


psychological marketing things but i'm

really good at delivering results

so and like the best things that sell


your your services your programs what

have you

are your testimonials and we have a

ton of them

um so i mean the main thing is like


care about people and get them results


because i've never been a really good

marketer i've just been really good at

getting people results

and i mean that's pretty much all you

need to do anyway because that's really

what people want is results so i mean

regardless of

you know i know very good marketers but

yet they

they're so good at you know marketing

that that's all they can do is really

just market but then once you get into

their program or you know into their

mastermind or anything like that you

know it's pretty much just

it's like where are the results at yeah

can i share a little i mean that's

really important

i'd love to share a little gold with a

bit of course creation

oh yes of course go ahead so

it's a huge pet peeve of mine when um

i buy a program like a course and

the videos are basically just marketing

and they're just

telling me a story about themselves for

like 15 minutes

i'm like what the did i just buy i

bought a course to get me a result

so i just want the goods i just want the

golden nuggets

so how we've started um setting up our


we uh break it down into modules like a

step-by-step process to get people the


and then within each module how we have

it set it up have it set up

is an overview of everything that's

going to be taught in that model

so the what and then really quick why

each video is important and then how to

complete the action for each video or

how to complete that thing that you need

to complete

for each video each step in the module

and then the very last thing

in each video is a call to action this

is exactly what you need to do

right now to get the result that you

want so we've started

setting up our programs like that and

the results have been bonkers

because we don't market in our courses

we we set them up to

get the clients the result um

so if you if you want to set up your

courses in that way

it starts with um what why

how and call to action so if you set up

your modules like that

what is it why am i doing it how do i do

it in a step by step

step one step two step three boom and


this is what action you need to take um

and if you set up your programs like

that you will get your clients results

that makes perfect sense i told you guys

that everything he does is pretty much

you know he just has a system the way

that he does stuff so if you

have any type of value receiving any

type of value hit the uh

like button hit the heart button smash

something put a comment in the

box actually let me address some of the

comments so actually sue hopped on which

i know you know sue moses she's actually

in the

group moderation group so it says hi

mike you made it

and um let's see i already answered that

question with

um sue and then i know you know nick as

well actually i met nick

lopez mastermind so that's how we first

met and

saw that he was actually in your uh

group as well so

he's on here and he says thanks so nick

you are so welcome

um can i put a public apology out there

as well um to ty lopez

if you're watching uh i've always talked

about tai lopez

but i've been reflecting on this

recently i am so grateful for

that guy

because if he hadn't brought so many


into the market and if he hadn't

inspired so many people to quit their

jobs and realize that

entrepreneurship is an option for them

like that actually happened with me he

like his course was the first one that i

bought and it inspired me to quit my job

was it a good course

no it was terrible but i am so

grateful for him because he's he's

changed so many people's lives he's

really been like the

ignition key to so many people like

quitting their job and being

inspired to start entrepreneurship so

for all the that i talk about uh

tai lopez i want to put a public apology

out there

uh and say i'm sorry it's high

um actually yeah because actually uh

well i love kyle lopez and i mean

i guess even you were talking about i

mean yeah some of these programs and

stuff like that are questionable

and you know pretty much you know just

as far as you know getting results and

everything like that but i mean the

mindset tom oakley focuses on

you know just setting you know the right

level in the right mindset

and pretty much just like you said you

know he actually you know

pretty much it takes employees and it

lets them realize and understand

that you know they start looking at

different things because actually that's

kind of how i started

out you know with um tai lopez in the

inception of you know me transitioning

pretty much just my mind section he was

one factor

i'll say i had a little bit before that

my wife was actually number one first

she was actually the one

that actually got me started you know

seeing that

you can make money online because

actually she made money online and i was

like you know

i started looking into it but um yeah ty

i mean i love you

todd yeah he's good you know as far as

he is a very good marketer

and he's good at putting things together

i mean if you look at some of his

courses and everything like that it's

just pretty much

you know his courses actually he brings

in other people to actually teach and

everything like that experts on the

subject which

i mean his ear pluses are minuses i mean

he's the one that actually put the

course together so

he pretty much gets the money and you

know i don't know how he distributes it

or anything like that

but um and then sue um actually said she

said she thinks that masterclass is a

fatherless way to get started

um with online coping which that is um

very good

and um jennifer says are these master

classes um

paid or free which um i think you can

cover that so

i don't know if you want to address that

again but i've seen

uh i i usually charge 97. well i've

always charged ninety seven dollars for

my master classes but i have clients

that charge 47 to 197

for master classes they're typically uh

90 minutes to three hours long usually

you schedule them for 90 minutes but

some people like uh mario uh uh pajas

uh if i said that right um he just did

one that was like in

three hours and fifteen minutes so

sometimes you just get into the flow and


ham uh it's a fun way to get people just

like holy that was so much value in

like three hours

and then um uh some of them will upgrade

to your program

so uh if you have programs but you can

also just start with the 97

master classes and then um i know we got


little bit more time here because i know

andrew's on a tight schedule my wife

says yeah he's charged um

he said 97 masterclasses would you just

address and um jennifer says

is the five day challenge automated or

held live

for the five days on scheduled dates

so um i did them all pre-recorded

um they were in live if you want to

check out the five day challenge

just go to uh seven figure business

scaling secrets

that's my facebook group you go to the

units tab that's on the left hand side

and you scroll down a little bit you'll

see the five day group growth and


challenge and i've actually used that to

grow my youtube channel

to grow my messenger bot list so when i

first released that

um i made a post in my group saying hey

who wants to go through this challenge

and then everybody that commented i sent

over a messenger bot link

so they clicked that to join uh my

messenger bot

and then i dripped out the videos each

day uh

on uh and they were hosted on youtube

and i just moved everything to my group

um after i created that post and sent

all those messages out

all right and then sue has a question it


um what if anything should we post on

our page

uh so on your business page you're not

gonna get

uh much of any engagement um unless you

have like hundreds of thousands of likes

and they're

engaging already but you're not gonna

get that much engagement you get limited

reach on a business page

unless you pay uh it's a pay-to-play


so we don't post anything on our

business page i think we have a few

posts that are just copy and paste from

my personal profile just to have

something there

but we have a business page because you

need to link up your messenger bot

to a business page and you can't link it

up to a personal page so that's a reason

why we have

a business page

and then my wife says yay ty and

susan says is mario however you say that

you got it so uh yeah

oh that's that's good to know and then

obviously yeah so actually this is going

to be the um last question usually i

close on this question

and i'm pretty sure you heard this

question before i really didn't go back

probably listen to it maybe last year

sometime on

your interview with rob quinn but um so

i guess if you were to have one


what would it be and why oh

good question i thought this would be

easy for you i'm sure i'm sure rob asked

you this question before

i i probably i probably said something

stupid like

flying um one superpower

what came to my mind was uh

human connection

like being able to connect deeply with


other humans i don't know how to put it

into like a non-creepy

superpower um but our whole business

um is our our purpose is to connect

people to their tribes and help them

grow their tribes so

um our purpose is human connection um

and uh i went through five years of

depression where um

i didn't feel connected to anything um

so my superpower would be something

around just feeling connected to


um all the time um as strange as that


but uh i think it's what lights people

up like when you feel more

um you're you just feel more alive

so yeah and there's a few more questions

trickling in but i know we still got

maybe like one or so minutes left or so

but um

uh actually andrew if you want to ask

these questions actually andrew will

actually come

um actually you can go to a group if you

want to give a right here mike

i'll just answer them right here that's

cool all right i don't know how much

time you have left but uh let's see so

my wife actually said she just

resurrected the old group and maybe i

should start

uh five days challenge that's probably

the best thing to do

i mean if you have over like 500 people

in that group typically it's not worth

trying to get the engagement back i

would just start a new group but if it's

under like 500 people

i would start with a five-day challenge

usually that's the best way to get the

engagement back up

all right and then how do you um

it's a um jennifer you know how do you

get content to post daily

um i think the biggest thing um

is just doing cool

like make your life super cool

and do things out of the ordinary and

push your comfort zone

and stories will come to your mind that

you can tell um

but besides that um customer research

um so if you're for example if you're

a fitness coach you can ask hey what's

your number one struggle when it comes

to dieting

and then people will say uh what's a

good example

um i'm too addicted to sweets and then

you can create content around how you

can wean your addiction off suites

um so you just ask your audience what

they want

and then create it and

so sorry mario


my bad dude and um

actually andrew has a gift that he wants

to give away to you guys actually i

don't know if you want to talk about it

now that's a revenue

um calculator accident but yeah

yeah so actually i just dropped it just

dropped me in the comments

yeah um i think what holds a lot of

people back is not setting clear

goals and not being able to see how

possible it actually

is to reach your financial goals

so what i've done is i've created a

revenue calculator where you can

actually plug in what your annual goal

is for your revenue and then you can

break it down into

how much you need to sell to actually

hit that goal

you can change like the numbers of your

offers and then

it will break it down into how many

sales calls you need to get on

um and how many reach outs you need to


uh to generate those sales calls um and


you'll look at those numbers and you're

like holy that's possible

i can hit a million dollars in a year if

i just set it up like this

now i need to work backwards of like how

how do i need to set this up so uh it


puts it in your brain of holy this

is possible

and then mario says it's all good he

says it's fine

that you and you messed up and it messed

up his name

but you know that's the joys and the

benefits of being on live i mean you

know you can say anything do anything

um you know anything can happen so i

thank you andrew for

um hopping on and um i hope you guys can

see that actually i got a message from

facebook i don't know if they changed

something or not

jennifer said something important she

said if you are

camera shy how do you manage to come on

live consistently

it's by doing your first one

just do

i i challenge you uh to do your first

facebook live

uh right after this just hop on live

um just accept you might poop your pants

by just being so nervous but just do it

and it will get out of your system

like i got a message yesterday somebody

reached out uh

an old friend from college reached out

to me on snapchat she's like how the

are you on all these stages now

like you were so nervous doing a

presentation in front of 10 students in


and i'm like yeah i just started doing

it and i relate my nerves more to

excitement than i do

to fear now and it's just a transition

by doing it more and more and more

um so just do it you know and

like it will become natural become a

thing so

yeah and uh yeah that makes sense

actually i want to since you touched on

it and since you brought it up

since you addressed it actually i'm the

same way i mean i'm pretty much i'm an

introvert i mean i've taken

many personalities tests mars briggs and

everything like that and i'm an

introvert so i mean if you if i can get

on here and do it then you can as well i

mean that's the thing

a lot of people just talk about you know

just getting started you know make um

imperfect action i mean you don't have

to be perfect in everything you do

just go ahead and start doing something

i mean i have a saying i have a logo

um it's pretty much just you know always

be moving because an object that rest

stays at rest so i mean you have to


continuously be moving i mean just get

up and do something

and don't just sit and wait for you know

pretty much everything to be perfect and

set in place

don't wait for all your ducks to get

lined up in a row or anything like that

don't wait for the fear to go away

because the fear may not ever go away

and um she says with overcoming shyness

so i mean yeah that's pretty much the

same thing i mean just get out there you

know just

just start doing it and actually um just

to you know just to let you know just to

give you a little bit i thought about

this in some of my lives before

some other interviews and everything

like that but actually it was a lady

that actually hit me up

in my inbox and she was saying mike used

to be shy used to do all this she used

to not say anything

and um she said now you're on all these

lives and everything and even you can

talk to my friend like one of my best

friends even my wife in general

i was telling her pretty much how not to

um how i didn't want to go on social


i didn't want to show my face i don't

want to put my kids or anything on face

and then i just started doing it

and it actually becomes a pretty much a


and i won't say you get used to it

because i still get nervous with any of

you still getting nervous on going live

so the fear and the shyness may not ever


away but the thing is you just have to

constantly continuously

progressively keep going and keep moving

forward and um

and then she says actually jennifer says

thanks i will

and my wife says give yourself a


um i did that last year it gets better

after each one

yeah it does you know it does get better

i guess in a way but

i still have some issues with just

jumping on but once i get started

everything else just pretty much just

falls in place

and um soon says wise words mike and

then also

wise words andrew so you guys um give a

shout out or actually you can

give a plug to your group um which you

pretty much just said is group um

seven figure c or seven figure business

scaling secrets

um and uh there's just a bunch of good

stuff in there um

whether you are shooting for that seven

figure number

or going for six figures it's either one

it's great for both

yeah so thank you guys we had andrew

cruz thank you guys for hopping on thank

you guys for staying engaged

um if you found any value from this

obviously you got friends who want to

start a facebook group we got friends

who want to you know maybe make extra


and maybe you yourself want to reach out

to um andrew

you got a story to tell i mean that's

one thing about andrea i didn't

necessarily get into his goals or

anything like that but i know he has

one particular coach and see how big his

heart is because he said

on one of his posts that he wanted to

give away a million dollars before he

actually turned what was it

thirty two years yeah so uh yeah so um

actually we did not get into that but i

mean his heart is big so he actually

wants to help you guys so if you want to

connect with him

share this video and actually if you

want to connect with him just go to his


but if you want other people to actually

find a mentor and an expert or somebody

who's already doing this has already


numerous people i mean you can go to his

uh page on his personal

facebook page you can look at all the

testimonies you can go to the

um the uh the link that i'm getting

ready to put in here you can see all the

testimonies that are actually

on the page of people who have actually

went into a program who is actually


and um you can i mean obviously he can

do the same thing for you as well you

just have to stay motivated positive

and you just have to do the work but uh

thank you again andrew everybody's

saying they're giving their shout outs

um jennifer says thanks she will i think

i threw that up there

and susan says cheers gentlemen and my

wife says thanks andrew for um hopping


so we thank you guys for tuning in and

thank you again andrew i know you have a

busy schedule

so uh thank you for hopping on and uh we

finally did it finally got the interview

got another one under my belt and uh it

was good so appreciate you hopping on

and uh take care everybody and until the

next time we'll see you again

have a go

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