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    Fitness & Self-Defense Classes are a must to add to your overall lifestyle toolkit. 

    You want to set yourself up for success by taking care of this "earth suit" that you are in.

    Make the most of the body that you have been given by adding a little bit of movement. Movement includes, but is not limited to: Stretching/Yoga, Calisthenics, Zumba, and Martial Arts.

    How Often Do You Workout?

    Yoga Inspired classes coming soon

    Self-Care Body Moves is expanding to include Yoga Inspired Classes. Add your name and email address above to get updates.

    self-Care Body Moves

    Zumba Inspired + Traditional Flare Less than 30 minutes of body moves that you can do everyday if you would like. Every move is structured to work different parts of your body to sculpted, tighten, and reshape.

    The cardio is make sure you drink plenty of water. Add weights for a greater impact. Enter your email address to get the Workout Video delivered directly to your inbox.

    Less than 30've got this!

    Adding a little movement makes the difference.W!

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      Defend & Protect

      You have a right to defend and protect yourself and your family. It's your duty, and great for your overall well-being.

      Sharing, creating, and, providing resources...impacting millions all at the same time

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      Subscribe to get updates on my new classes!NOW!

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