26 Easy and Effortless Email Marketing Strategies To Implement In 2022 And Beyond

What is email marketing?

It’s an effective tool for reaching a potential customer and building relationships with them. It allows you to send messages to your list of subscribers without being intrusive.  There were over 5.6 BILLION active email addresses, yes that is correct--- 5.6 BILLION active email users in 2019.  Currently every day there are 306 Billion emails per day sent to email recipients.  In fact, most people check their emails multiple times per day. This is why it’s important to use email marketing effectively and do all you can to build an email list.  By doing these things you can become an effective email marketer.  

Here are 26 email marketing tips and goals to keep in mind when using email marketing and effectively building an email list:

1. Make sure your email looks good by using a professionally designed template. It should be easy for people to read and understand your email content. Avoid using generic email templates that don’t convey any personality.

2. Include a subject line in ALL your marketing emails and email automations.  Use email subject lines that include your brand name and/or product. For example, "Your Confirmation Email", “New Product Release” or “Here's Your Free Ebook”.  This will increase your chances of having a successful email marketing campaign and increase deliverability rates.

3. Write a compelling email headline.  A compelling headline grabs attention and encourages readers to open your email.  This is one of the main key elements to having effective emails.  

4. Having an email marketing strategy will assist you in continuously providing useful information.  Make sure you have relevant emails and within those emails relevant content.  Include links to your personal website and access to your various social media platforms.

5. Insert a Call To Action (CTA).  This will increase your chance of a successful campaign and positive ROI.  Provide a clear call to action that tells your audience how to take action.

6. Include a CTA button.  An easy way to encourage visitors to click through to your site is by including a CTA button.

7. Include a signature.  Add a personal touch to your email by adding a signature.  This gives the appearance you are a legit business owner and gives your emails a more personalized approach. 

8. Send personalized emails to your email subscribers.  Personalize your emails by including your subscriber’s first name or last initial.

9. Test, test, test various email formats.  Try sending different types of emails to see which ones perform best.

10. Track results.  Track your email campaigns so you know which ones worked and which didn’t.

11. Keep track of your stats.  Keep track of how often your emails are opened and clicked on.  Always keep an eye on your unsubscribe rate and inactive subscribers.  

12. Don’t forget about mobile users.  Mobile users are becoming increasingly popular. Ensure that your emails are optimized for mobile devices.

13. Create a list of contacts.  Create a list of contacts you want to send emails to regularly.  The simplest way to do this is to sign up with an email marketing service provider like ConvertKit, GetResponse, Aweber, and/or ActiveCampaign.  

14. Schedule emails.  This is an example of a very effective email marketing strategy.  Scheduling emails to go out at specific times can really ensure you will accomplish your email marketing goals.  Doing this could skyrocket your open rates which will positively affect your Click-Through Rates (CTR).  

15. Make sure you use multiple email automations for the majority of your email campaigns.  There are various email marketing platforms and email service providers that will automate emails to save time and ensure consistency.  Some of the email marketing software companies are GetResponse, Aweber, ConvertKit, and ActiveCampaign.  These are a few of the major email marketing service providers.    

16. Make sure your emails are sent from a trusted source.  Make sure your emails come from a reputable company.

17. Some people business owners like to get permission before sending emails and ask permission before sending emails.  This is called a double opt-in.  However, I like to have customer loyalty and leave it up to the user if they want to unsubscribe or not.  This is called a single opt-in.  

18. Have fun.  Don’t be afraid to experiment with new ideas.  Your goal is to turn everyone into a potential customer.  Various types of emails to send as part of your email strategy could be email newsletters, promotional emails, responsive emails, and referral emails.  I have also seen inserting images and gifs into emails being very effective.  

19. Stay consistent.  Stay consistent with your email marketing strategy.

20. Update frequently.  Update your emails frequently to stay current.

21. Always have an unsubscribe option.  This is an integral part of a successful email marketing strategy.  Continuing to email a subscriber who no longer wants to be on your list could be detrimental to your Remember to let your subscribers know when their email address has been removed from your marketing email list.

22. Follow up.  This is a very important marketing tip in general.  Follow up after every email campaign to ensure that your message was received.  One sure-fire way for having engaged subscribers is to create a responsive email template.  This is a template you can use and go by to actually get the people on your email list to respond to your emails.  You have to remember email can be a two-way conversation.  You do not have to constantly treat it as one-sided 100% of the time.       

23. Be patient.  Be patient with your email marketing efforts.  Implement an effective email marketing campaign, an email marketing strategy plan, and a content marketing strategy to increase your likeliness of success and to not get disappointed so easily.  

24. Being consistent and persistent in sending relevant content truly pays off.  The more emails sent to your email subscribers the more it builds your customer and email domain/ IP reputation.  

25. Be creative by keeping your business goals in mind.  Being creative with your email marketing campaigns will ensure high response rates from everyone on your email list.

26. Be honest in all of the types of email you send to each customer and potential customer throughout all your email campaigns.