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Through love and service you can connect with like minded individuals to share products  and services that you create as well as assist others in promoting their products and services. Let's join together and be the change that we want to see in your businesses. Welcome to my Interview Page!

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exclusive interviews - health & Wellness

Hicunni interviews top leaders in the wellness space. Get ready to "EARN WHILE YOU LEARN"! Check out our interviews below.

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Interview w/ Hannah Hipps, Yoga Instructor & Certified Mind Body Eating Coach

Interview w/ Kim Brame, Enterprising Homeschool Mom

Interview w/ Rae Roth, Certified Mind Body Eating Coach

Here is our awesome team

Market & growth. Always be moving. #abm

Mike Cee

ceo & Head Marketer

All about creating and makes it happen.

Hicunni Chandler

CEO & Mind Body Eating Coach

Creativity and wit is always needed. Gets it done.

Action E

Marketing wizard

All things that sparkle! She brings youthful energy.

Jay Chan

Account Manager

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